Hola Unipublic,

I ("re")introduce myself: I am Miguel Ena, a young Aragonese with professional aspirations in the world of cycling. My relationship with this sport is not very long, but during the last seven years I have modulated my training, my professional career and my leisure time around it.
I took my first rides in the foothills of the Pyrenees. I discovered a new cycling in the Mediterranean. And I ended up falling in love with this sport in the plains of Castilla.
Julian Alaphilippe (DQS), Pau (France), 2019. 2020, as bad as it was, began with a nice recognition of the work by a "super jury" composed of Simon Wilkinson, Chris Auld, Pauline Ballet and Graham Watson.
The results and continuity have not always been as desired, but I have managed to keep my spirits up to be ready for occasions like this one.
Here you can check the collection of my kilometers: ena.media/trabajo.
Miguel Ena. 
Jaca, December 20th, 2022.
After this brief introduction, I present my credentials and my motivations to apply for the vacancy of 'Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist'.

After completing my degree in Communication in Castellón, I had the opportunity to do an internship at Micrea Film Projects, an audiovisual production company that gave me back the hope of working in the world of communication. Without having finished that internship, the opportunity arose to take the communication of the professional team Burgos BH. I embarked for a year on the adventure and I got up to date in social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...), writing (MailChimp), web (WordPress) or graphic animation.

Still my main activity is photography, but I feel very comfortable writing and completing spaces that require written communication.
Lately I have been collaborating with local clubs and teams working with young people, generating content for the teams and trying to give as much visibility as possible to the sponsors.
A field in which I have been moving with special assiduity during the last year is that of animation, adding hours of flight in Cinema 4D and AfterEffects. This work is more than a year old, but it serves to illustrate a complementary content to the static image.
Internationally I have only had one professional experience: it was in 2021, with the TRINITY team with whom I had the opportunity to generate content during a couple of MTB World Cup races.
Apart from that and other non-professional ones, I spent a school year in France when I was young. I like languages and I think I have room to improve and learn some new ones.
On the other hand, as I said, I am a cycling enthusiast. When I can, I take the opportunity to ride, enjoying the dry weather and the mountainous terrain that surrounds my hometown, Jaca.
Regarding the position and the company, I would like to highlight my willingness to take a step forward by being part of a project of this magnitude. Despite not being a person of many words, I consider myself an open person with capacity for adaptation and interaction. Technically I have some deficiencies, but I believe that my predisposition and good taste are fundamental to go ahead with my candidacy. 

That's all for the moment.

I hope to have been useful and to be able to talk to you again.

¡Un saludo!
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