Cher Sigma,

We don't have the pleasure of knowing each other, but I would like to introduce myself.
My story is not dissimilar to that of a young European cyclist with professional aspirations, a middle class background and an optimistic view of the future; 25 years old, still well supported and enjoying a road that has rarely given me too many problems. Not because of any extraordinary qualities. Yes, thanks to the support of those who ride with me. A good team effort, in short.
Life has taken me down paths that I have good memories of. I did my first rides in the foothills of the Pyrenees. I discovered a new kind of cycling in the Mediterranean. And I ended up falling in love with the sport on the plains of Castilla. With hardly any major passes between them, I was always able to tackle these mountainous difficulties with a more or less high cadence. As a friend of mine used to say, I am a versatile cyclist: I don't climb, I don't descend, and I don't do time trials. But I am there, fascinated, resisting the overwhelming pace so as not to arrive OTL and enjoying the breath of air the spectator gives us with a good push after hours of waiting.
And it is surprising despite the grimaces, the bad weather, the expressions, the bumps... but the intensity of the sensations and the memory of the hours spent on the bike are always positive.
The trajectory so far has been that of a young amateur, with no great demonstrations, with occasional results, but with an incalculable desire to keep the wheel turning.
Julian Alaphilippe (DQS), Pau (France), 2019. The year 2020, as bad as it was for the society, started with a great recognition of my work by a "super jury", Simon Wilkinson, Chris Auld, Pauline Ballet and Graham Watson
No big shows on climbs, descents or rough roads, but almost always with the wind at my back. Who wouldn't want to ride with me?
Here you can check my kilometres collection:
Miguel Ena. 
Jaca, March 3rd 2022.
In addition to the cover letter above, I would like to refer to a few other projects that may strengthen my candidature.
My first formal job was for a women's cycling magazine back in 2016.
My experience with lighting and product photography is a bit more recent. I currently work in a bakery and have taken photographs such as the following one.
I also have a background in Motion Graphics.I also have a background in Motion Graphics.
Finally, I consider it appropriate to mention some 3D works that I have developed in recent months and behind which there is a significant work of lighting.
* I am currently working with Sony. I have a couple of cameras and some 2.8 lenses. Although I don't have as much experience as in photography, I also have hours of video experience. I did my internship for four months in an audiovisual production company (Micrea Film Projects).
In my current job I have learned to be much more efficient and organised. And yes, I have a driving license for six years.
Thank you very much for your time and attention.
I hope I can be useful.
¡Un saludo!
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