Despite orienting my career towards photography, the last two years I have developed some projects in a non-professional way in the world of Motion Design. Some are public, some are prepared specifically for job applications and others are simple practical exercises.
I am looking for a junior position in a not too big -in terms of people- media company somewhere in Europe.
At the beginning of 2021 I took the online training 'Animation Bootcamp' through The School of Motion where I was able to get a basic grounding in the principles of animation.
This is was my first motion design public project (done with the physical render).
Here are some frames and experiments that I have been able to do while I prepare my showreel.
*Little proof that there is motion in these still images
(The script)
I'll be pleased to show you a little bit more of my work, so I am currently working on a reel for occasions such as these.
I stay at your disposal for any feedback, to provide you with my CV or any other request.
Thank you for coming this far.
¡Un saludo!
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