I introduce myself again: I am Miguel Ena, a young Spaniard with aspirations in the world of cycling. Last year I tried to contact you to offer a support to the audiovisual work done by Face Peeters.
Here you can take a look to my photography work:
I am returning this year after seeing your press officer vacancy. I must admit that my levels of English and French are not sufficiently fluent to perform this function with full guarantees. Even though, I think I could be useful to reinforce the image of the team in digital media and to carry out certain press tasks.
- I have experience in a similar position as head of communications in a professional team, developing tasks of photography, press, sponsor relationships…

- I have an acceptable level of English and French, so in a few months of work I would be up to the challenge.
- I have experience with tools such as MailChimp, WordPress, Photoshop...
- I have basic knowledge of design and image
- I have experience as a cycling photographer
Last year, even though it was complicated, I received recognition for my work in 2019:​​​​​​​ www.markgunter.com.au/2020/01/2019-winners-announced/ (Mark Gunter Photography Awards, whose jury was composed of four professional photographers).
L'image lauréate: Julian Alaphilippe, le 19 juillet 2019. Pau (France), Tour de France.
The profesional teams offer different alternatives and the press, although it is always necessary, is losing out to audiovisual formats. My last experiences -with Burgos BH and TRINITY- have proven it to me: while the Spanish team followed a traditional dynamic with periodic press releases and trying to innovate autonomously, the English team sought to diversify into new channels such as TikTok with short audiovisual pieces and working with up to two people (a videographer and a photographer) to cover World Cups or important events, leaving aside the press. Jumbo Visma or Movistar Team are also a good example of innovative audiovisual content that manages to recover a viewer disengaged from the usual tone of the races.
Some ideas for improvement:
- Reinforce Peeters’s job: it is well appreciated, but could be magnified by delegating part of the work and offering better quality content, both in photography and video.

- To give higher presence to women and development cycling: the trajectory of the formation, one of the most long-lived in the peloton, is another strength as well as the U23 and women's teams.
* One of the last documentaries I saw was this one by Movistar: Una Batalla en el Norte: Movistar Team en la Vuelta a Noruega femenina 2021. It is not necessary to fall into sensationalism or controversy or have a camera attached 24/7 to the rider, but the day to day of women's cycling, for example, has a lot to show.

- Enhancing the Lotto-Soudal brand: the sprinters' block led by Ewan and the new blood are important, but talking about Lotto means talking about breakaways, about fighting and epics (De Gendt, Van Moer, Wellens…)

- Offer new formats: documentaries of longer duration, race previews with graphic information, data...
EF with the Grubers, CANYON//SRAM Racing with Thomas Maheux or UNO-X Wordup Projects are also good references to take into account as photographers.
Inspiring the fan to do sports, to go out cycling and to lead a healthy lifestyle are also primary and complementary objectives to commercial promotion. Thomas De Gendt got a lot of interaction this year with his "Dinner tweet!" during the Tour de France. For better or for worse, sport is no longer just about the time of effort or competition and subsequent testimonies, it goes beyond that. It's not about turning it into a reality show, but about taking advantage of new communication channels to bring it closer to the fans.
I am looking forward to learning and getting out of my comfort zone -even it sounds too recurrent...- to live new experiences. It is a good moment, at the age of 25, to try it out. I have some experience and I'm a great fan, but I'm also conscious, as I said, of my limitations in terms of language. It would be a great motivation to be part of a team with such a long tradition as well as a good opportunity to recover the languages that I have somewhat “rusty” and learn new things.
I'm open to a testing period or an internship contract.
Thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you again this time.
¡Un saludo!
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