Below, I collect those projects I talked about. Some of them linked to cycling, others not so much... 
First, the women's cycling magazine 'Tandem Magazine', where I did my first semi-professional project 4/5 years ago. without big results, I keep good memories of this image. An experience adding hours directing models.
Some more recent product photography with Photoshop and Lightroom editing and with a lighting scheme work.
Although you told me that the work was mainly focused on product photography, I have also seen a lot of road work, an aspect that I also like to work on.
Finally, I consider it appropriate to mention some 3D works that I have developed in recent months and behind which there is a significant work of lighting.
I really like to look for references and do things with the best possible taste. This, in my opinion, like the technique, is developed with time and practice.
That's all for now. I hope it can be useful.

Best regards!
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