I introduce myself: I am Miguel Ena, a young Spaniard with professional aspirations in the world of media. I have focused my efforts on cycling photography, which has allowed me to work with a professional team, some important riders as well as covering renowned races. With this work I have been able to put together a good equipment with a couple of cameras, several lenses, a computer, sound recording resources...
But 2020 has been a radical change. The precariousness of photography has pushed me to redirect my education and since the end of last year I have been training in Motion Graphics. My internship at Micrea Film Projects (a Spanish production company), where I did my university stage, gave me access to After Effects, among other things, and less than half a year ago I discovered Cinema 4D. In January I decided to enrol in a School of Motion course to build a solid foundation on the principles of animation.
For a break from so much text, here is a small reference to my work:
Watching that it's difficult to find opportunities to move forward with, I thought it's best to invest in my own brand for the moment, so I work on animations related to cycling. Here is an example inspired on the Giro d'Italia trophy.
Even so, I consider that the best option is to be part of a professional group and learn by doing, as my brief experience has shown me that this is the best tool for growth. This is how I found your production company. I went through your work and I even saw some cycling stuff! I especially liked a couple of projects: the one for 'Q-Reel', one of the most recent ones published, and another one for 'CIC', with quite interesting graphics.
I've been looking for several months for an opportunity in a studio like this where I could do an internship. The specialisation in Motion Graphics, outside Spain, with a reduced dimension propitious for a good atmosphere..., are perfect to be able to take a step further.
At the moment I'm not very clear about what I would like to study in depth, but I suppose that everything related to 3D with Cinema 4D and renders would be interesting.
One small disadvantage: the language. I have no idea of Dutch, but I can deal with English... And I know some French.
I see that the offer is available from September onwards. As far as I'm concerned, I'd be open to joining you as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'm still training on platforms like GreyScaleGorilla and doing my own projects. I would be happy to update you on my progress.
Thank you for your time.
Best regards.
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